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schwartzreport newThe latest data from NASA on climate change. Click through to see charts and to use the hotlinks to get documentation for this report.

Hottest September On Record, Fastest Pacific Warming In 10,000 Years, Warmest Arctic In 120,000 Years
JOE ROMM – Think Progress

Anyone who reads SR regularly knows that I don’t believe we have a healthcare system in this country, we have an illness profit system. The function of healthcare in the U.S. is to produce profit not wellness. Here is an excellent assessment of the situation.

Rip-Off: How Private-sector Health Costs Are Killing the ‘American Dream’
JOSHUA HOLLAND – Moyers & Company/The Raw Story

Here, in a British publication is an excellent assessment of what is happening in the financial world. It is unlikely you will read this in the American corporate media, but it is going to impact your life in a number of ways. Click through to see the charts.

Rise of the Distorporation
The Economist (U.K.)

Yesterday’s story about the middle class brought me a slew of email including this report. Since most SR readers are or, increasingly according to the emails I get formerly were, middle class this report should be very alarming.

The Decline of America’s Middle-class Neighborhoods
BEN WALSH – Reuters

Here is an extended essay advancing an argument you have been hearing me say for several years now.

The Super-rich No Longer Need a Middle Class

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