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schwartzreport newHere is a mystery that is affecting Europeans in a very serious way. Click through to see the graph which is very helpful. Source: Ref: : Declining Trends Of Healthy Life Years Expectancy (HLYE) In Europe

European Health Levels Suddenly Collapsed After 2003 And Nobody is Sure Why
The Physics arXiv Blog

There is a pathology prevalent in the Theocratic Right, a distrust of women. A need to subjugate and control them that is irrational yet strongly held. When I read this I found it hard to believe it could be true, but I checked and this report is correct. I actually found four stories along these lines and just chose this one. It is a very big trend in parts of the U.S., and it is amazing that it g! ets so little coverage.

Land: Single Moms Selfish, Should Always Put Kids Up For Adoption
BRIAN TASHMAN – Right Wing Watch

Things which are based on paranoia, fear, and hate are inherently unbalanced and always produce unintended consequences that sabotage the perpetrator. Here is a classic example of the principle.

The NSA Is Crippling America’s Economy

America’s attitude towards children is a disgrace. I confess I don’t understand the attitude, no one I know shares it, but it has become a defining characteristic of the U.S.

U.S. Continues to Fall Behind the Rest of the World on Child Rights