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schwartzreport newYou can see it with the Pope, you will see it in the next story, as well as this account. There is something very important happening in Christianity. In response to the Theocratic Right, and its psychoses, the greater Christian community is producing from within itself a compassionate life-affirming response.

Church Members Mistreat Homeless Man in Church Unaware It Is Their Pastor in Disguise
Reporters TV

This is an essay expressing something that needs to be said about Gratitude.

Gratitude Is More Than Simple Sentiment; it Is the Motivation That Can Save the World

Here is a second example of the trend. We have clearly suffered a deep psychic wound as a culture. These two stories tell us both that a compassionate life-affirming response is emerging in Christianity and, at the same time, they give us a measure of how deeply we have bought into the Randian Theocratic Rightist view of every person for himself.

LDS Bishop Dresses as Homeless Man to Teach Lesson
MyFOX Associated Press

We need to understand that being poor extracts a much greater toll than someone who hasn’t been poor can understand. That’s why a strong safety net is the responsibility of a democracy.

Your Brain on Poverty: Why Poor People Seem to Make Bad Decisions

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