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I am supporter of Elizabeth Warren; she is one of the few people in the Congress, Bernie Sanders is another, who actually speaks truth to power in a rational way. I hope she is a harbinger of a new trend to end the vampire capitalism which dominates the American economy.

Elizabeth Warren’s Populist Insurgency Enters Next Phase
DAVID DAYEN, Contributing Writer – Salon

Here is the counter-movement to Warren’s socially progressive policies. The Theocratic Right is toxic and dangerous, and very well funded. The following is an excerpt from Crucifying America: the unholy alliance between the Christian Right and Wall Street by CJ Werleman (Dangerous Little Books, 2013).

How the Unholy Alliance Between The Christian Right and Wall Street is ‘Crucifying America’
CJ WERLEMAN – AlterNet (U.S.)

Phi Beta Iota: The extreme left is stupider and less wealthy.  One bird, two wings, same shit.  It is time to reject the two-party tyranny and demand electoral reform.  Sadly, the smaller parties are if anything, less well endowed and just as challenged morally and intellectually.  The independents have not found their voice, in part because they have been subverted and mis-directed by various Bloomberg entities.

The American Gulag grows like tumor in the body of our society, and we are in nearly complete denial. Worse privatization is spreading in the incarceration industry and corporations are requiring 92 per cent occupancy. It is not that way in every country. In Sweden, for instance, things are going in the opposite, and healthier, direction. Why isn’t this happening here?

Sweden Closes Four Prisons as Number of Inmates Plummets
RICHARD ORANGE – The Guardian (U.K.)

This is how powerful carbon energy is in this country, and how weird their greed gets, and the lengths to which they will go.

Texas Frackers Sue Victim of Their Water Pollution for $3 Million for Exposing Them
Daily Kos

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