SPONSOR SOUGHT: Open Source Everything Manifesto for Hackers on Planet Earth

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Amazon Page

A sponsor is sought for the purchase of 1000-2000 copies of THE OPEN SOURCE EVERYTHING MANIFESTO: Transparency, Truth, & Trust. A hard copy of the book, or a watermarked digital copy, is available for examination.

Generally bulk purchases sell for 50% off retail.  The books come 44 to a box.  Where else can you reach 1,000-2,000 of the most adaptive intelligence people in the English-speaking world (with MANY internationals) for $5 each (estimated)?

The event takes place in 18-20 July 2013. The books, if to be distributed in hard copy, would require a special printing, hence 3 months advance arrangements recommended.  Kindle copies are easier.

The traditional sponsor’s sticker can be inserted by the publisher into the printed or digital copy thus eliminating that cost and that step.

Communicate directly with the publisher’s representative, Ms. Janet Levin <jlevin@northatlanticbooks.com>.

Phi Beta Iota: The author, Robert Steele, who will take leave from Afghanistan to speak at HOPE, will be submitting his planned remarks to both the CIA Publications Review Board (PRB) and its DoD equivalent in ample time to secure approval.  Although spontaneous remarks are not subject to pre-publication review, Steele will be erring on the side of prudence henceforth.

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