Stephen E. Arnold: Data Science Explained With an Infograpic [Science without Art Tends to be Stupid]

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Data Science is a hot career. Even though data scientists have been around for decades, but it is only the proliferation of new devices and data streams that have brought the career to the Internet spotlight. Data Science is more than monitoring reports about data or even the big data revolution. Data Science is an intricate and interesting science and to understand it better check out the infographic labeled: “Data Science: More Than Mining.”

The graphic explains that data science has exploded:

“Proliferation of sensors, mobile and social trends provide explosive growth of new types of data. Data scientists are creating the tools that can be used to interpret and help translate the streams of information into innovative new products. Social media platforms such as Facebook depend on data science to create innovative, interactive features that encourage users to get interested and stay that way.”

The basic of data science are data mining, statistics, interpretation, and leveraging. The data scientist interacts with the data by asking questions about how to apply the information in new ways and better the process. Data scientists are hardly people off the street, they require the skills of hacker, mathematician, and an artist. Mixing all those together goes makes a data scientist a very diverse person and able to see how to apply the data in new, unknown ways. It is amazing how data science has shaped society from behind the current since 1790.

Whitney Grace, November 08, 2013

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Phi Beta Iota: Most data is crap.  Most science without art is crap.  Think NSA applied to everything — all collection and technology, no humint, no art.  Crap.  Western data is especially odious crap because it is rooted in industrial era structures and mind-sets.  It is a form of perversion on steroids, completely divorced from humanity and reality.  A self-confirming spiral of (you guess it) crap.

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