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As you read this story please keep in mind that 46 million Americans, 17 million of them children, face poverty and hunger. This story is an obscenity, and shows how deeply out of balance our system has become.

Billionaires Collect Millions In Taxpayer Dollars Through Farm Subsidies
ALAN PYKE – Think Progress

The psychology of politics, a mix of neuroscience and psychology, is becoming one of the most interesting areas of science. And it comes not a moment to soon. It can help us understand why the Schism Trend is occurring, so that we can think about it clearly. This essay is far from the last word or the definitive statement but, at least, it is talking about the problem. Click through to see the charts.

Can Science Explain Tea Party Rage?

This is some very sad news about our children, and I find it very ironic that it is appearing in Forbes, a publication that depends on, and defends the corporations that make the foods that cause this problem.

Early Puberty In Girls Linked To Obesity…Again

I see half a dozen stories like this almost every day. Let this one stand for the whole. I talked tonight with Ronlyn over dinner about where one has to get in their own mind so that something like this seems a humane rational action. I can't get to that dark place that makes this action o.k.. I have written Bonnie Fried, the principal of Barber Middle School, where this happened, to let here know my feelings about what was done to this child. Please do me the service of taking a moment to also write her and let her know how you feel about what was done. Nothing reduces the power of the shadow better than shining some light on it. Her email is: There is a part of me that would prefer to simply let Texas go. But the truth is they would fail, as they are failing now, and that would make them aggressive, as they saw the Blue value states prospering. We would end up with war as they sought to grab what they could not create.
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Texas School Tosses 6th Grader’s Breakfast in Trash After he Can’t Pay 30 Cents

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