Winslow Wheeler: US Military is NOT the Best in the World…

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Winslow Wheeler
Winslow Wheeler

As Congress bumbles on with 2014 budget limits and appropriations, the narrative of American armed forces as “the best in the world” continues as the de rigueur and foppish test of patriotism at House Armed Services Committee hearings. Being what passes for “pro defense” requires blindness, and lots of money, in the current political system we endure.

In a second article on the less than first rate performance of the US military and the high cost/lesser performance of some of its most vaunted equipment, author Roger Thompson addresses the the training and hardware of the US submarine force. Congress is blind to the problems, but others are not. Find this article at

Second article? Find the first, on pilot training and aircraft at

Phi Beta Iota: Elements of excellence not-with-standing, the US military is 60% waste, 20% toxic leadership, and 20% deeply stressed core patriots.

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