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schwartzreport newYet more disgusting news about what is happening to the American food system. I just can’t say strongly enough: You must give serious consideration to the food you eat. Your health, and your life, and the health and lives of your family depend on your choices.

Ractopamine: The Meat Additive on Your Plate That’s Banned Almost Everywhere But America

I am not the only person who thinks water is destiny. Here is an excellent assessment of where we stand in regards to water.

Blue Gold: The Coming Water Wars
GORDON G. CHANG – World Affairs

Phi Beta Iota: Water War is old news, but the dilitantes around government finally seem to be taking notice.  The DNI and CIA are still incapable at serious futures studies, in part because they lack a holistic analytic model and just cannot get a grip on true cost economics.  The good news is that any government with integrity is immediately able to combine solar power with water desalination and hydroponic agriculture to rapidly solve multiple challenges at once.  Finding an honest government is the hard part.  See also  Robert David Steele,”Water: Soul of the Earth, Mirror of Our Collective Souls,” Huffington Post (5 January 2011).

Freedom of the press has not, in my lifetime, been under such serious threat as it is now. In some ways it is already too late, because today’s corporate media is so corrupted that the freedom to say something is pre-compromised by the fact that few in media address the substantive issues of the day. Most of the reports you see in SR you won’t see on your evening news — turn on the news any night and you can see this for yourself.

NSA Chief Says Government Must Stop Media
GLENN GREENWALD, Investigative Journalist – Reader Supported News

This is an essay published in one of the major foreign policy journals. Although it makes some good points, where it is appearing is one of the most important.

The End of Hypocrisy – American Foreign Policy in the Age of Leaks
HENRY FARRELL and MARTHA FINNEMORE, Associate Professor of Political Science and International Affairs at George Washington University – Foreign Affairs

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