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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

We have gone from a country that took pride in its science and in being a fact-based society to one where a MAJORITY of Americans think science is just another opinion of no particular distinction. It has taken 30 years of Theocratic Rightist disinformation, fake thinktank reports, and agit-prop to achieve this bleak result. Combined with decreasing educational outcomes, and the corporate corruption of the peer! review process by pharmaceutical and agricultural chemical corporations and you have a formula for willful ignorance and an easily manipulated electorate.

Americans Have Little Faith In Scientists, Science Journalists: Poll
EMILY SWANSON – The Huffington Post

In a new HuffPost/YouGov poll, only 36 percent of Americans reported having “a lot” of trust that information they get from scientists is accurate and reliable. Fifty-one percent said they trust that information only a little, and another 6 percent said they don't trust it at all.

Phi Beta Iota: This is huge. The bottom line is that every one of the eight tribes of information has lost their integrity and in so doing, lost the trust of the public.

Because we have breached the firewall the Founders put in place to separate church and state we are now left with this.

Charts: Catholic Hospitals Don't Do Much for the Poor

It is very difficult to see how the Rightists on the Supreme Court could not understand or foresee that gutting the Voting Rights Act would lead to voter suppression. It is much easier to understand their decision from the perspective that this was their deliberate purpose. In any case, the research is now coming in, as this report recounts, an! d it all confirms what was obvious: all voting restriction bills passed in the Red value states have one purpose: to decrease the number of people of color, seniors, students, and poor people voting. Which is to say its purpose is to rig the elections to give Republicans a better chance of winning. It is just the second phase of the effort that began with gerrymandering.

Researchers Find Factors Tied To Voting Restriction Bills Are ‘Basically All Racial'
ERICH LACH – Talking Points Memo/Perspectives on Politics

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