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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

Americans are 14th in Internet access

Consumer Electronics Trends for 2014

1. Connected Cars
2. Cheaper 4K Monitors and TVs
3. Digital Health
4. Laptop/Tablet 2 in 1 Combos
5. Curved TVs
6. 3D Printers
7. The Smart Home
8. Wearables

The Future Can’t Wait: Over-the-Horizon Views on Development

This text provides the findings of a 2011 “Symposium on the Future of Development Challenges,” which was hosted by USAID. The basic goal of the symposium was to identify better ways of planning for future global development, particularly in four different contexts. (Note: In addition to an introduction and conclusion, the text summarizes the conclusions of four context-specific panels, which were all subdivided into four additional categories of interest — populations, science and technology, politics and economies, and the environment.)