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Who, Me?
Who, Me?

PART I: Keep fighting! We must not learn from our wars.

Summary:  We were ejected from Iraq, gaining nothing we sought. No oil, no ally against Iran, no unsinkable aircraft carrier in the Middle East. All but the mad hawks realize we gained nothing in Afghanistan. Now comes the post-game show, as our military’s boosters attempt to fog our vision and erase our memories, preparing us for more wars. The truth is out there, if only we would make an effort to see.


  1. We lose because we’re ignorant of history and refuse to learn
  2. Bitter fruit from our failure to learn
  3. The history of counterinsurgency by foreign armies, a history of failure
  4. A more detailed explanation of why foreign armies fail at COIN
  5. For More Information
  6. A closing note from Friedrich Schiller

PART II: Well-funded organizations inciting us to hate & fear, again. How gullible are we?

Summary: Today we examine yet another example of agitprop by well-funded organizations inciting hatred of Muslims in America.  Will we fall for this, again? A divided and fearful people are an easily led flock, a gift to their rulers. Please push back against this propaganda, and those that believe it. Being sheep is a choice.

Phi Beta Iota: Both of the above are superb, and both share the common politically correct attitude of not calling out our leaders for being corrupt, lacking in integrity, and being in constant betrayal of the public trust. All those in leadership positions cannot be criticized for lacking in knowledge or intelligence. They know full well what lessons are to be learned.  They are only subject to criticism on one point: a lack of integrity. “Keep the money moving” is what they focus on.  They do NOT focus on demanding and using ethical evidence-based decision-support.  They do NOT focus on understanding threats; devising a strategy to deal with those threats (especially since we have met the enemy and he is our “leaders”); a force structure and acquisition program to contain or eradicate those threats; a range of policies to assure whole of government coherence in pursuing both threats and opportunities; or a range of whole of government and multinational campaign plans so as to achieve win-win end-states for all concerned. The lesson the have learned is that the people are inert and stupid; that it is possible to fool most of the people most of the time; and that it is possible to ignore and marginalize all those who seek to inspire the public to understand that it has a power that cannot be repressed.

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