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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

This, more than any story I have read in years, shows the absolute corruption and immorality of American healthcare. The ACA does very little to change this. It is simply not possible to have a genuine healthcare system when profit is more important tha! n health. Until we acknowledge that America will always be second class when it comes to the wellness of its people.

An Effective Eye Drug Is Available for $50. But Many Doctors Choose a $2,000 Alternative

Here is some more good news about the shift to decentralized non-carbon energy. In spite of the sabotage by carbon interests, the corrupt government and all the rest, this is the trend that will win out. But since we are a country that only considers profit to be important, the transition will be much more painful and disruptive than it need be. It’s a shame that we can’t form a coherent na! tional policy to achieve this transition.

From Cloud Computing to Solar Paint, Electrical Industry Changes

Here is a good report on a technology that is likely to change the world.

Graphene Is Going to Change the World
BRENT MATSALLA – The Guardian Express

In this report you see explicitly what I have saying for several years: The utility companies like the petroleum and coal companies will, with a few exceptions, as this report spells out, do everything in their power to block non-carbon decentralized energy. In spite of all that non-carbon energy is the trend that will prevail, so this is good news.

One Industry Terrified of Solar Power
TRAVIS HOIUM – The Motley Fool

More on solar, the speed of this trend is picking up.

SolarCity, Using Tesla Batteries, Aims to Bring Solar Power to the Masses
KEVIN BULLIS – MIT Technology Review

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