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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

I see these antibacterial dispensers, whether soaps or gels, everywhere I go. They are as big a mistake as plastic bottles. What is worst about these antibacterial soaps that is just mentioned is that because they are not lethal to 100 per cent of bacteria, they lead to bacterial mutation. It is a variation of the ! same problem as the overuse of antibiotics.

Antibacterial Soaps Aren't More Effective And May Be Dangerous, Says US FDA
AMY CORDEROY, Health Editor – The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

You have probably already heard about this but I consider it to be so important I am running it anyway. We have a choice now as to how we choose to proceed with the American surveillance state that has grown up since 9/11. Write your Representative and Senators and let them know how you feel about being under constant surveillance.

Federal Judge Rules Against NSA Spying

I don't have the time tonight to search out the specific number but, this must be the fifth or sixth report describing how Rightist politicians trying to find evidence of voter fraud, spending hundreds of thousand of taxpayer dollars, each come up with the exact opposite of what they sought. There is no voter fraud. The fraud is the claim there is. Of course it is not really about voter fraud being, instead, a nefarious scheme to limit voting to affluent whites through selective voter suppression. It is a second phase after the gerrymandering. It is really quite vile. and it should always be remembered that this process has been made easier by the Rightists on the Supreme Court, who voted to gut the Voting Rights Act, by eliminating Section 5.

Iowa Republican’s 2-year Investigation Finds no Statistically Significant Evidence of Voter Fraud

Here is the truth, which I thought was already widely known, that multivitamins are a waste of money. Multivitamins are a Big Pharma scam. But this is only about multivitamins. This report doesn't really address sophisticated supplement usage. Taking supplements can make a lot of difference, but it takes work, searching out information, help from medical professionals to! work out what to take given your profile, when to take it, and at what dosage.

Multivitamin Researchers say “case Is Closed” After Studies Find No Health Benefits

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