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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

This is the most amazing story yet to come out of Fukushima. TEPCO discharged highly radioactive water into the ocean around the carrier Ronald Reagan without telling the U.S. Navy while she was working to rescue Japanese citizens. It resulted in the contamination of the ship, its personnel, and its water system. Sailors are now trying to sue TEPCO. Ask yourself: Why is this not a major story in the corporate news? We have endless news coverage about a very wealthy studiedly redneck yahoo racist bigot, but next to nothing on what happened to this ship and these young American sailors and Marines on a humanitarian mission. Do you think the media’s priorities are a bit out of whack? Click through to see the video of the sailors describing what happened to them.

Japan Refused USS Ronald Reagan to Dock for Fresh Water and Crew Decontamination During Rescue Mission Too Radioactive
Turner Radio Network

Phi Beta Iota: The above is an outrage, certainly, but the question Congress should be asking is this: why did the commander of the USS Ronald Reagan, and the ship’s NBC detection systems, not see this coming?

More interesting, and positive, developments from the Vatican. Increasingly the Roman Catholic Church and Protestant Fundamentalists are diverging over the issue of science. One becoming more fact based, the other more unmoored from reality.

Vatican Science on Christmas and Creationism

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