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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

For reasons that are obvious I love this story. If Ronlyn and I were 25 and working out where to settle, I think I would go for this. It has the potential to become epoch. Like living in the French Quarter as jazz evolved. Or San Francisco in the 60s. Paris in the 20s. And it will prove a double benefit of life affirming policies. It provides wonderful support for the arts, while it also heals the city.

Detroit Is Giving Writers Free Houses in an Effort to Rebuild

Yet another factor in the growing energy transition trend.

Guayule Instead Of Synthetic Rubber
Clean Technica

Waldorf pedagogy holds that children should not become users of passive electronic devices because it blocks crucial development that can only be achieved through movement and creative pro-active play. And there is considerable research supporting this position. Tablets have not been around long enough to reach any conclusions but, I suspect, the Waldorf view is the correc! t one as pertains to tablets.

Tablets a Hit With Kids, But Experts Worry
BREE FOWLER , Technology Writer – The Associated Press

This is the human cost of theologically based social policy. In Saudi Arabia it means women going around in black burkas. In the U.S. it means this. Imagine how you would feel if you had to go through this: Having to maintain a brain dead woman and her non-viable fetus, against her explicit wishes, and the wishes of her husband and family. W! ho will, of course, nonetheless be getting the bill for 20 weeks of high technology care.

Texas Hospital Forbids Husband of Brain-dead, Pregnant Wife to Remove Her From Life Support

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