Marcus Aurelius: Tracking US Government Waste

Corruption, Government, Ineptitude
Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius

There is great p***ing and moaning about Federal fiscal irresponsibility. IMHO, most of it is misplaced and motivated by a desire to redirect resources from makers to takers. However, the following two articles are pretty good. Object of second article, Sen Tom Coburn’s (R-OK) 2013 Wastebook is attached for your convenience. Some of the items showcased are pretty egregious. My personal favorite(?) is the ten or eleven camouflage utility uniforms within the military Services.

How a few efforts to cut federal government spending succeeded — or failed – The Washington Post

Tom Coburn’s 2013 Wastebook Highlights Outrageous Federal Spending | Fox News Insider

And Congress decides to screw military retirees and fails to sustain the transit subsidy. What a 535-member battalion of ineffectives!

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