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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

Here is some very exciting good news on batteries.

Mindboggling Consequences In Wake Of Battery Price Drops
HANS STRENG – Clean Technica

I had a reader, who opposes the ending of Marijuana prohibition, write to tell me exactly what this headline says. Here is a good essay that reflects my own thinking as to the response to that charge.

The Lie That Won’t Die: ‘We Don’t Know Enough About Marijuana!”
Paul Armentano – Salon

I find this development particularly interesting because, as sea rise gobbles up large parts of Florida many of these people, or their children, are going to have to leave. And this is not that far into the future. In the short term though it may shift Florida into a purple, or even blue, state. That would significantly reduce the chance another incompetent ideologue like Rick Scott was elected governor. And that would put Florida in a better position to deal with climate change.

New York Soon to Trail Florida in Population
JESSE McKINLEY – The New York Times

Anyone who reads me regularly in either SR or Explore knows my views about the privatization of the American gulag, turning it into a profit making enterprise. Here is further evidence as to how truly bad this idea is.

For-Profit Prisons: Eight Statistics That Show the Problems

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