Stephen E. Arnold: Google Implements Semantic Mark-Up

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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

Words are Boring and Google Will Fix it with Semantic Markup

The article titled How Semantic Search is Killing the Keyword on iMedia heralds the end of keyword-driven search in place of semantic search, or the user’s intention. Based mainly on Google’s work on the Knowledge Graph, a web of information that attempts to connect related data and provide a user with answers to questions they might not have known to ask. The article goes so far as to call keyword-centered content a thing of the past.

The article explains:

“Current trends in search engine marketing and optimization have been underscored by Google’s Knowledge Graph and its Hummingbird update. Both emphasize the importance of not only having high-quality content but also adding semantic markup… to your content, which makes it possible for machines to detect meaning or intent. Marking up your site’s content is crucial to its success in search engines… It not only improves the display of search results, but it makes it much easier for users to find desired web pages.”

The article goes on to describe what exactly would replace boring text-based search results. With semantic markup, the search results can consist of more visuals, ratings, reviews, anything to keep the user interested (the article considers semantic markup search as having more “personality.” Who needs words anyway?

Chelsea Kerwin, December 28, 2013

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