Berto Jongman: Atrocities, Cyber, War… Ukraine Round-Up 1.8

Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence, Peace Intelligence
Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman


CHINA: response to ICIJ report on China’s elite offshore accounts

CYBER: concept of the deep state

CYBER: P.W Singer on protection


ENVIRONMENT: dangerous pipelines (time line of oil spills)

EPIDEMICS: bird flu cases on the rise

UKRAINE - Central Kiev Today
UKRAINE – Central Kiev Today — Round-Up Below

FOREIGN POLICY: big bets and black swans – recommendations for the president in 2014

HACKING: Chrome eavesdropping tool

IRAQ: death toll record keeping methodology

MEMES: what makes stories go viral

NSA: PCLOB report–NSA spying is illegal

NSA: Snowden Q&A

ORGANIZED CRIME: Europe’s new mafias

PAKISTAN: policing urban violence

PAKISTAN: Story of Daniel Pearl

TERRORISM: Call for research proposals: Who’s who among jihadis research project

UKRAINE: 4 hours crisis talks, protests spreading to other cities

UKRAINE: apocalyptic scenes

UKRAINE: crisis talks as situation escalates further

UKRAINE: involvement of Western PR companies coordinated by USAID, NED and Open Sources Institute

UKRAINE: live updates

UKRAINE: questionable Western interference

UKRAINE: regime tactics to quell protests

UKRAINE: Right sector movement

UKRAINE: standoff remains 5 dead 300 injured

US ARMY: secret experiments cover-up, Project Papertclip and others

US NUCLEAR POLICY: 60 day review of nuclear forces — alcohol, cheating on tests, drugs, hookers — what’s not to like?

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