Berto Jongman: Atrocities Etcetera – Continued Focus on Ukraine

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

CHINA: COIN strategy in Tibet and Xinjiang

CITIZEN SCIENCE: charts horse chestnut tree pest spread

CRIME: JP Morgan

CRIME: Meltdown: The men who crashed the world

DESIGN: award for Dutch innovation: the wingman

FUKUSHIMA: new secrecy legislation

INNOVATION: radiation detector in smartphone

NSA: bulk collection rejected

PAKISTAN: Ahmad Rashid assessment

SECURITY: Sochi Olympics

THREAT: David Kilcullen on future conflict

UK: returnees fro Syria face arrest

UKRAINE: Anne Applebaum comments on end of the color revolutions

UKRAINE: Berkut riot police

UKRAINE: Euromaidan updates

UKRAINE: Far right sector movement practice drills

UKRAINE: fresh talks with opposition

UKRAINE: opposition call on police and security forces not to obey illegal and cri inal orders and not to participate in the repression of the people

UKRAINE: orthodox church chosing side of the people

UKRAINE: police blocking road to government building

UKRAINE: preparing for battle in -18 degrees celsius

UKRAINE: President Offers Top Government Posts to Opposition Leaders

UKRAINE: protesters seize policemen

UKRAINE: protesters take over energy ministry

UKRAINE: protesters take over energy ministry (video)

UKRAINE: Yanukovych pledges government reshuffle while protesters dig in (LIVE VIDEO)

USA: pro-democracy movement


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