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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

2014: The Year of Encryption

“The solution to government surveillance is to encrypt everything.”

Eric Schmidt, Patron of NSA Back Door Into Google

Phi Beta Iota: Apart from the obvious, that only open source encryption can be scrutinized by millions of minds, this also kills Microsoft, whose software is always 1.3 times what the hardware can comfortably support. Companies that are software pigs now, without encryption, will be comatose when they try to add encyrption to their kludge.

AF: Afghanistan’s Capital Flight and Post-2014 Future

CITIZEN RESISTANCE: From COINTELPRO to Snowden, the FBI Burglars Speak Out After 43 Years of Silence (Part 2)

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CYBER: Internet Banned in Somalia by Al-Shabab

CYBER: Pearl Harbor is Coming, Pearl Harbor is Coming

ET: Former Canadian Defense Minister on 80 Species, Among Us, Not Sharing Technologies While We War and Pollute

FATWA: No Online Chatting Between Sexes

INTEL: EU Finds NSA & GCHQ Activities Illegal

INTEL: Obama Dithers Over NSA Controls

INTEL: Pentagon Intel Shift Focuses on Cyber, S&T

INTEL: Ray McGovern’s Take on NSA Veterans Challenging Obama with What Went Wrong

INTEL: US Feared Virtual Bin Laden Avatar on World of Warcraft and in Other Global Games

INTEL: Veteran Intelligence Professionals Challenge Obama to a Conversation About NSA

SECURITY: Appraisal of Russia for Sochi Olympics

SECURITY: Multiple Challengers to Russian Authority

SECURITY: Russian Counterterrorism Policy

SECURITY: Turkey’s Preacher vs. Turkey’s Premier

THREAT: 8 Neglected Diseases

THREAT: Bahrain Begins to Worry

THREAT: Fukushima: the Scientific American version of “don’t worry”

WAR: Odds of US military invasion on Korean Peninsula rising

WAR: Syria’s New Rebel Front

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