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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

BOOK: The Turning Point: Creating Resilience in a Time of Extremes

Also: Radio Interview with Author

BUDGET: Congress Wants More Insight into Cyber, SOF Budgets

CYBER: Cyberwar Increasingly Defined By Espionage and Regional Conflicts, Argues FireEye

CYBER: DDoS New Technique, Warns US-CERT

CYBER: Google Spyware SMS Tracker

CYBER: How Jihadists Use the Internet CYBER: Energy Sector Inforgraphic from Symantec

CYBER: Icefog Cybercriminals Use Java Backdoor to Target US Organizations

CYBER: Romania Rocks as Source of Cybercrime

CYBER: Russian Anti-Terrorism Internet Bill

CYBER: Who Are the Islamic Cyber Resistance?

ETHICS: BENGHAZI – Newly declassified Benghazi testimony: Pentagon told Obama it was terrorism

ETHICS: North Dakota town that thwarted a neo-Nazi takeover

ETHICS: Nun Faces up to 30 Years for Breaking Into Weapons Complex, Embarrassing the Feds ETHICS: Obama’s Secret Assassins (JSOG by Naomi Wolf)

Phi Beta Iota: JSOG consists of good people trapped in a bad system. Within its ranks there is severe discontent with the obvious insanity of this system that is now targeting bus drivers and waiters. Lacking, evidently, is integrity at the flag level, integrity sufficient to demand professional intelligence back-stopping of every kill order; and when that is not forthcoming, integrity sufficient to refuse illegal and idiot orders coming from over-promoted clerks.

ETHICS: US Drone Policy & Asymmetric Conflict INTEL: Europeans Ask Assad for Intel on Jihadists

Also: Syria says West talks to Damascus about Islamist rebels

LIFE: Consciousness Research

LIFE: Violence becoming the new norm in America

NSA: Accessing Off Line Computers with Radio Wave Technology

Phi Beta Iota: The Chinese have been doing this for over a decade via electrical circuits, one cna reasonably assume they are at least a decade ahead of NSA on the substance of electronic espionage.

NSA: Bernie Sanders is Pissed — NSA Spying on Congress NSA: Do NSA’s Bulk Surveillance Programs Stop Terrorists?

Peter Bergen, David Sterman, Emily Schneider, and Bailey Cahall,  National Security Program, New America Foundation, January 2014

NSA: ‘Follow the Money’: NSA Monitors Financial World

NSA: German “No Spy” Deal is Dead…Very Very Dead

NSA: Review Panel Casts Doubt on Claims that Bulk Data Collection Prevented Any Terrorist Act

THREAT: North Korea Warning to South Korea US Over Drills

THREAT: Pew Report on Religious Hostilities Reaching Six-Year High

THREAT: Zionist Attack on Syrian Cleric Touring America

Also: Article on Pew Report

WAR: Syria’s Deadly ‘Barrel Bombs’: Assad Regime Uses Devastating, Makeshift Weapon

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