Event: 1 Feb Deadline 2 May Presentation “Governing Intelligence” Stanford Journal of International Law


2014 Symposium

Governing Intelligence

Transnational Threats and the National Security State

May 2, 2014 at Stanford Law School

February 1, 2014 is Deadline for Abstract

The goal of Governing Intelligence is to move beyond the rather narrow focus of today's debate — largely about surveillance — to have a much broader conversation about the power and limits of intelligence agencies.  We will convene academics, policymakers, business leaders, and civil society groups to analyze the challenges of intelligence governance from a comparative and international perspective.  The premise behind the symposium is that the debate to rein in intelligence gathering should occur along with an examination of the power and limits of intelligence agencies in the face of transnational threats such as terrorism, cyber-warfare, drug trafficking, and weapons proliferation.  Only then will we appreciate the imperatives of freedom and security in their proper context.

Call for Papers

The Stanford Journal of International Law seeks contributions by academics, practitioners, and policymakers in the form of approx. 10-15,000-word scholarly essays or 5,000-word white papers on either of the following topics: (a) national intelligence and transnational threats; or, (b) individual rights and intelligence gathering.  The following is a non-exhaustive list of sub-topics and questions meant to provide guidance on the kinds of submissions we are looking for.  Preference will be given to interdisciplinary submissions and submissions that combine descriptive and normative analyses.

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