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Capabilities-Force Structure
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Phi Beta Iota: Where SOF is failing right now is in continuing to allow Black SOF to oversee White SOF. We need to separate White SOF from Black SOF, and have — as General Peter Schoomaker envisioned in 1997, two deputies for CINCSOC: a three-star deeply rooted in Civil Affairs and Outreach managing global White SOF, and a three star deeply rooted in track and whack managing Black SOF. By, with, and through should be three quarters of the SOF piechart, and within that three quarters, White SOF — including training in creating Multinational Decisions Support Centres — should be three quarters of the domain. All non-kinectic SOF should be white, not black, and done via the host country, not pretending to be non-attributable, which is a lame joke. Somewhere in here PSYOP needs to be retired, with its White SOF going to an expanded Civil Affairs Command and its Black SOF going to the operational end of Cyber.

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