Jim Dean: Zionist Penetration of US Academia — Boycott by ASA, Counter-Attack, Need for Religious Counterintelligence Most Urgent

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Jim W. Dean
Jim W. Dean

Academic Zionist agents in US go public

It seems that the American Studies Association’s (ASA) boycott resolution vote has rattled the Zionist cages.

They have proved that Veterans Today was right with our claim that academic espionage was one of the key areas where Israeli intelligence has invested major resources for a long time.

The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations (CoP), commonly Presidents’ Conference, has been chosen by the Israeli lobby to lead the counterattack against the ASA historic resolution reported by Press TV last week.

World media described the resolution breakthrough as a sign that the tipping point toward a full Israel boycott was getting closer.

The Israeli lobby bigwigs decided it was time to take risks to diminish the ASA move by stacking up a big list of university heads to oppose it. Robert Sugarman, the Conference’s chairman, and Malcolm Hoenlein, its executive vice chairman, said:


“This remarkable response is a clear declaration that American academia will not be party to the efforts to promote the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.”


Israeli espionage has concentrated for several decades now on subverting the leadership of any American institution that could ever be an adversary in terms of opposing Israeli crimes against humanity or their long-term exploitation of America to prop up its failed economy.


The Zionist elites have looted Israel just like our own elite banksters and multinationals have done here. As Thomas Jefferson famously said, “Merchants have no country.


We should all individually thank the ASA and let them know we stant with them.

We should all individually thank the ASA and let them know we stant with them.


While the ASA academic boycott resolution was a membership vote, the Israeli lobby defense has been to trigger all of their university president and chancellor friends, many of them assisted in their careers to be useful when the time came.


That time is now. On their website, the CoP led with a typical controlled asset, slipping in the Holocaust hustle right at the top of their propaganda list.


President of Rider University Mordechai Rozanski dutifully wrote to the Conference,


“As the son of Holocaust survivors, I join the Association of American Universities and the American Association of University Professors in strongly rejecting the ASA boycott of Israeli universities. I consider it antithetical to our core principle of academic freedom and contrary to the free exchange of ideas so essential to the advancement of scholarly activities.”


Another hand-picked example they featured was the University of Delaware’s Patrick T. Harker:


“The University of Delaware rejects the decision of the American Studies Association to endorse an academic boycott of Israel. Such a boycott is fundamentally incompatible with the principle of academic freedom.”


Left out of his response was that the ASA resolution did not cover individual Israeli academics, just those associated with Israeli government institutions. It was a targeted boycott resolution.


Mr. Parker, on advice of his handlers I suspect, avoided any mention of Israel’s long history of suppressing Palestinian academic freedom, along with all of their other freedoms, like serving in the military, judiciary, or law enforcement, or even going to the beach.


Once again, we see Israeli espionage sticking to its tried and true strategy of framing the aggressors as the victims. They will use it as long as it works. And we thank the Council of Presidents and their academic shill network for giving us a current roadmap as to who and where they all are. We will look forward to giving them some of their own medicine in 2014, something they have never had.


Christian Zionists like John Hagee are religious Joanathan Pollards in terms of the national security damage they do

Christian Zionists like John Hagee are religious Joanathan Pollards in terms of the national security damage they do


Israeli intelligence has long known that the day of reckoning for their crimes awaited them at some point in the future and mapped out a plan to have blocks in place for the most predictable avenues of challenge.


On the religious front, when the American Left abandoned Israel for the Sabra and Shatilla massacres, they just sped up the deployment of their Christian Zionist 5th column.


Unknown, middle-of-the-night TV evangelists, became prime time personalities and money began pouring into their outreach programs.


Some of the high-end preachers were even flying around on Lear jets. One of these jets was a loaner from Israel for a few years, picked up on by US intelligence of course. In return for helping in building their TV evangelical empires, they agreed to push the Zionist propaganda onto their flocks, becoming Christian jihadis before the Muslim equivalent had emerged.


The American Christian Zionist leaders became blank check supporters for all things Israeli, a one-issue voting bloc in that regard. The Christian Coalition emerged as their political arm with plastic smile, phony Christian Zionist Ralph Reed at its head until his fall from grace for corruption.


Oh yes - Guess who Time magazine is in bed with?

Guess who Time magazine is in bed with?


When Reed was running for governor, we board members of the Georgia Heritage Council in Atlanta helped crush his political career through a year-long exposure of his history of shady dealings behind his Christian Coalition front.


He was backed by the Israeli lobby for Georgia’s Lt. governorship to prime him for governor and then national office as a vice presidential candidate or Senator.


Primary challenger Casey Cagle was only polling 15% in the early Republican primary when we at GHC with Jeff Davis at our helm started dropping the 120 news scandal stories we collected on his Indian casino and Jack Abramoff scandals, including shipping weapons to West Bank settlers.


While Reed and his crowd thought it would all blow over, we published about three stories a week with every nasty detail we could find and Reed steadily went down, down, down in the polls until he was even persona non grata at the Christian Coalition.


This is how Israeli political espionage works in America. The goal is always the top positions as everything else comes along with that.


Israeli academic spying has a long history here. Israeli kids were pulled into the Hillel groups, where one of their duties was to spy on other students and teachers to collect any written or spoken evidence of their feelings about Israel.


There were only two categories… those they could control and those they could not. The latter were all deemed threats and had to be managed as such in the old Soviet fashion of being ‘watched.’


Clipping files were built up on all of them to use at a future date as needed, to assist or destroy someone who could help or impede Zionist goals and Israeli intelligence here.


Israeli intermarriage was a growing issue and the Hillel groups also focused on what Deborah Lipstadt of Emory University here in Atlanta described as ‘holocausting the race.’ Israeli girls were urged to not poison the blood line with the tainted goyim.


Deborah Lipstadt won the trial againts Irving legally, but the transcript revealed she took instructions to target him

Deborah Lipstadt won the trial against David Irving legally, but the transcript revealed she took instructions to target him.


The top students of these activities found themselves being moved onto political staff positions in Washington to spy on their fellow office workers and all those coming to see their Congressman, an early warning system to spot anyone deemed not to be pro-Israel enough.


Pro-Israeli university teachers and administration people found their upward career paths much easier than those who were not.


And the big prize for Israeli intel in academia of course was to have controlling influence over the presidents and chancellors and their respective boards of trustees or regents on anything touching Israeli policy, just like they had in Congress.


Among much of America’s top academic community – those running the institutions – you find few moral challenges over Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians, WMDs, international terrorism, money laundering, market manipulations, slavery, blood diamonds, etc.,… the list goes on and on.


You would need to hire your own spy agency to find any reference to their opposing the crimes supported by their lobby friends. They have been neutralized by putting them on the Zio team.


These top academic administrators have betrayed the very essence of American academic values, and we thank them for making it easier to expose them for it.


Americans watch our Congress humiliate the country when the Zionist lobby tests their loyalty through several pro-Israeli resolutions every year. They use the votes to count noses for who remains on the funding list and who will be targeted for opposition in the next election. This is a form of political terrorism that has gone on here for years.


I have seen Congressmen literally turn white when asked a scary question about the lobby. My favorite one is, “Do you think Israeli intelligence networks should be wiped out here, wherever they are?”


While much of this intimidation work is done quietly, in the political arena it is usually a Roman circus event so all can view Israeli intimidation in action. It actually helps them in recruiting more agents and assets… to show that no one can lay a glove on them. And I must say, sadly, that it works.


Israel must be totally isolated until it agrees to a complete demilitarization just like Japan after WWII

Israel must be totally isolated until it agrees to a complete demilitarization just like Japan after WWII


But academia infiltration and co-option at the top was an area where the Zionist lobby always wanted to stay below the radar to lessen the chances of any grassroots blowback from the grassroots majority.


Once you control the top university people, that gives you the tools needed to publicly lynch vocal and visible critics of Israel by having their tenure denied and even being fired.


This has literally been their campus terror campaign… to keep your mouth shut or else.


For this bragging by the Council of Presidents about their current list of top academic supporters to help protect Israel’s continuing crimes against humanity, we can’t thank them enough. We already had lists for Congress, the judiciary, and even law enforcement and the Pentagon, but not a good one for academia.

We are off to a good start for 2014. Let us roll up our sleeves and push forward for a full boycott of Zionist Israel, including the demand of full reparations for everything taken from the Palestinians. Let us build a moral wall around the criminal entity to protect the rest of us from their scourge.

Phi Beta Iota: Zionists are not the only ones who are of concern. Opus Dei, Mormons, Pentegostalists, Evangelicals all have very well-funded aggressive political action and criminal wings. Religious subversion is also not the whole picture — there has been a complex and complete loss of integrity across the full spectrum of organizations. Religous counterintelligence, and restoring the integrity of the FBI, are two places where a future honest President overseeing a legitimate Congress will want to start. As far as Israel goes, the parallels with South Africa are ample. We leave that to the public.

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