John Maguire: Hacking Cold Fusion

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John Maguire
John Maguire

Hacking Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion (aka Low Energy Nuclear Reactions or LENR) is on the precipice of altering the landscape of energy-production, and along with it, the cultural landscape as well. Four separate companies: Industrial Heat LLC, Brillouin Energy Corporation, Defkalion Green Technologies, and Blacklight Power all appear to be on the threshold of breaking into the marketplace with cheap, environmentally safe, and virtually limitless energy technologies. Beyond energy, LENR-based processes hold promise for both the desalination of drinking water and the remediation of nuclear waste. My presentation will focus not only on the technical applications of the CF-LENR phenomenon, but also the sociological and historical implications as well.

How did the science of CF-LENR, operating on shoestring budgets and long written off by the military-industrial-academic complex as “pathological science”, manage to survive and in some cases thrive? Why was CF-LENR rejected within a mere six months of its discovery and relegated to the backwaters of scientific inquiry ever since? I will attempt to clear up the historical record in regards to both these questions and others. I will also explore the myopic, self-serving psychology of the scientific establishment and make clear why “skeptical” objections to the discovery (both legitimate and pseudo-skeptical) had already been answered as early as the mid-1990s.

As we move toward the future another major question remains: how can we prevent this technology from becoming co-opted by the PTB (i.e. become overly centralized and tightly regulated)? Thankfully CF-LENR, generally speaking, appears highly compatible with Open Source. For example the Martin Fleischman Memorial Project (MFMP) and the Hydrobetatron Project (HBTP) are already making headway through Open Source approaches. The MFMP is constituted by an international coalition of researchers who are in the process of developing repeatable experimental-kits as well as specs for a distributable, mass-producible, non-proprietary generator. The Italian-based HBTP has similar aims, but with more of an emphasis on involving young people, specifically high-school students. The goal for the rest of us should be to support these undertakings, and foster Open Source networks and information channels that will help facilitate an effective transition toward a decentralized hydrogen-based economy. Possible complications with federal regulatory agencies in regards to the production of tritium will be addressed as well.

CF-LENR represents the cutting-edge in multidisciplinary science; an intersection of various specialties including electrochemistry, solid-state physics, complexity theory, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, nuclear physics, quantum field theory, and nano-tech. This means two things. First CF-LENR can help de-compartmentalize the scientific establishment, which has become hyper-specialized to the point of impotence. Secondly there is still much about CF-LENR left to be discovered and hacked. We are still, historically speaking, at the ground floor of an emergent scientific revolution. Because there are still many hidden variables left to elucidate (i.e. in regards to repeatability, reaction mechanism, etc.) it is a science ripe for exploration, especially for scientific-minded young people. The applications of CF-LENR based technologies are only beginning to be explored such as LENR-fueled automobiles, battery technologies, and so on.

Biography: My name is John Maguire. I have published several research articles on the subject of Cold Fusion (aka CF-LENR), and have also conducted a number of audio-interviews with preeminent researchers in the field, all posted on the net. I contribute regularly at Phi Beta Iota, Robert Steele’s public intelligence blog [see my line-up here], and I am an active member of the Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (CMNS) community; a private online discussion group where all the top CF-LENR scientific professionals gather to dialogue about the most recent developments in the field. My work has been featured on and, and I am also on the advisory board of the newly formed Infusion Institute (aka III); a non-profit 501© whose mission is to connect worthy CF-LENR experimentalists with research grants.

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