Berto Jongman: Atrocities Etcetera + Best of Ukraine 1.7

Commercial Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence, Peace Intelligence
Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

9/11: CIA black operation murders Philip Marshall? (Wayne Madsen)

BITCOIN: arrest of operators of two exchanges

BOOK: Integrated Peacebuilding: Innovative Approaches to Transforming Conflict

CHINA: annual urban exodus tracked by Baida

CONGO: ambush of commander

CONGO: situation worsening

CYBER: cash registers – crime wave

CYBER: Google’s Quantum AI Laboratory

CYBER: Israeli defence computers hacked

CYBER: loss of net neutrality

CYBER: Multinational LEA acts against hackers for hire services

CYBER: targeting SCADA systems

EARTH: Gravity Map

ENERGY: five choices to make

ETHICS: misconduct of US flag officers

FUTURE: Life in 2020

FUTURE: Africa, China, and Erik Prince

INDIA: Maoist sanctuaries

IRAN: U.S. “Dismantling” Rhetoric Ignores Iran’s Nuclear Proposals

KOREA: avian flu outbreak

NIGERIA: Boko Haram massacre

NSA: GCHQ: sqeaky dolphin

NSA: Glossary of terms

NSA: Google (mini-NSA) call for reform (really?)

NSA: Has government spying destroyed the Internet?

NSA: spying via smartphone devices

NUCLEAR: Day of Rememberance for Downwinders

RUSSIA: Khdorkovsky interview

SOCHI: EC threatens Sochi Olympics with chemical attack

SOMALIA: US airstrike kills AS commander

SUDAN: war in the Nuba mountains

SYRIA: battle for Damascus

SYRIA: crimes against humanity

SYRIA: failing diplomacy

SYRIA: FSA kills number two ISIL

SYRIA: ISIL rejects reconciliation initiative

SYRIA: Israeli airstrike of weapon depots in Latakia

THREAT: Al Qaeda and America 3.0

THREAT: Sochi Olympics

TURKEY: Corruption probe continues

UKRAINE: armour-piercing shotgun projectiles fired

UKRAINE: could violence spread into Russia?

UKRAINE: president willing to scrap anti-protest law

UKRAINE: protesters leave occupied ministry of justice

UKRAINE: readiness for talks

UKRAINE: state of emergency

UKRAINE: steering towards a violent outcome

UKRAINE: unrest continues

UKRAINE: watershed moment–Yanukovych blinks

US: how economists and policymakers murdered the economy (Paul Craig Roberts)

US: Los Angeles homicide report

US: UK Muslim Brotherhood leader meeting high US officials


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