John Robb: The National Insecurity State

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John Robb
John Robb

The National Insecurity State

I’m still writing my next book online.

Today’s pages might be of interest to GG readers.

It’s entitled “The National Insecurity State

There’s also some thinking on the end of bureaucracy if you are interested.

I suspect the only thing the US national security bureaucracy can do is launch new arms races  — as we have done in cyber, drones, and genetics (if you count GMOs)~

  • Weaponized computer worms/viruses/malware. Legal bot networks that control/manipulate society and markets (think in terms of quant hedge funds).
  • Drones/robots. Weaponized drones that at first self-perpetuate by acquiring fuel from the environment. Weaponized drones that can self-replicate ala 3-D fabrication and scavanged materials (think rep-rap).
  • Superbugs/superweeds (some may be aided by engineered modification, but all get their start due to the stupidity of growing food in monocultures). Organisms that can wipe out monocultures and cause the loss of productive farmland and crops ond a global scale.

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