Marcus Aurelius: CIA Retirement Departure Study

Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius

Following from a former Agency officer who blogs on the Internet. For your convenience, in addition to the article, I include in PDF format the IG report on which the press report is based.

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5.) Management: Clearly management has been a problem and will continue to be one of the biggest problems the CIA will face for years to come. The CIA hemorrhages quality talent because management doesn’t know how to adequately manage, support and incentive employees. Los Angeles Times Ken Dilanian’s story explains these issues better than I can.

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Bad management drives talent from CIA, internal reports suggest – Los Angeles Times

1. At first blush, appears that there are significant commonalities with the Army.
2. Also appears broadly consistent with several books I’ve read over past 5-6 years by (a) former officers, principally junior officers and (b) retired officers, principally relatively senior officers.
3, Situation appears broadly unchanged over past 30 years.)

PDF (63 Pages): (U) CIA Retirement Survey

Phi Beta Iota: Much more interesting would be a survey of those leaving at the 5, 10, and 15 year marks. They leave for similar reasons (bad management, and increasingly severe ethical cognitive dissonance, pure shame at what CIA has been been doing in the way of rendition, torture, and drone assassination with its 98% collateral damage.

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