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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

China is now the largest trading nation on Earth, and is on track to be the dominant economy, a trend that holds profound implications for the U.S. Here is a report. Clearly the vampire capitalism that has come to dominate the U.S. is not performing for anyone but the 1%.

China Surpasses US as World’s Largest Trading Nation
ANGELA MONAGHAN – The Guardian (U.K.)

Another consequence of climate change. Increased illness due to mosquitoes and ticks will be occurring world wide. We really aren’t thinking this through, and our failure to deal rationally with what is happening is going to make us sicker, on top of everything else.

CDC: Climate Change Increasing Korean Disease Rates
JEFFREY KOPMAN – The Weather Channel

Yet another story about the corruption in Big Pharma. It is getting difficult to keep up with all these developments. But one thing is certain: it is becoming harder to tell whether the drug your local doc prescribes is what it is reputed to be, and will do what it is supposed to do. Hard for him. Hard for you.

Pharmaceutical Firms Accused of Falsifying Data in Major Alzheimer’s Study
Agence France-Presse (France)/The Raw Story

According to CNN “The number of households owning guns has declined from almost 50% in 1973 to just over 32% in 2010, according to a 2011 study produced by The University of Chicago’s National Opinion Research Center. The number of gun owners has gone down almost 10% over the same period, the report found.” Yet the number of guns has dramatically increased. Less than a third of the American population own firearms, yet there are in excess of 270 million guns in private hands. And they kill tens of thousands each year. Clearly the American gun psychosis arises from a deep seated sacred values issue. Something irrational untouched by the reality of facts. Now neuroscience is beginning to give us an understanding as to why a hobby that is practiced by a declining percentage of the population, and that is quite literally murderous, exercises such powerful influence over people’s minds.

Can Neuroscience Help Settle the Gun Control Debate?
TIM PHILLIPS, Co-founder of Beyond Conflict – Salon

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