Marcus Aurelius: One Family Loses Two Sons – Khost Kathy Took One of Them

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Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius

Long story at link below is front page of today’s WaPo  and is a compelling one.  In electronic version, there is also video.

One family, two sacrifices: In a war few Americans fought, the Wise family would pay an awful price | The Washington Post

IMHO, story showcases two key points:

1.  After 9/11, the military and intelligence community went to war while America went to the mall.  Score a failure for the Bush Administration.

2.  While I certainly neither present nor involved and at the risk of both speaking ill of the dead taking issue what Leon Panetta said at the time, the Chief of Base at Camp Chapman (Khost), Afghanistan was unqualified for the position held..  She may have been a credible analyst but she wasn’t an operator by either experience or training and based on everything I’ve read and watching the move “Zero Dark Thirty,” I think she was personally responsible for not preventing the deaths at Khost Base, including Jeremy Wise, on that day in December, 2009.

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