Reference: Cities in 2025 – Competitive Advantages – Free Report from Citi

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Kudos to Citi and The Economist for this free downloadable white paper, 33 pages in length:

Cities – Hot Spots 2025

Competitiveness is a holistic concept. While economic size and growth matter, several other
factors determine a city’s competitiveness, including its business and regulatory environment, its institutions, the quality of human capital, cultural aspects and the quality of  environmental governance. These factors not only help a city to
sustain high economic growth, but also secure its future competitiveness.

Phi Beta Iota: While the report includes clear-cut attention to Human Capital as well as Social and Cultural Capital, and it pays attention to education and telecommunications, “Digital Capital” is a category that is overdue for inclusion and not to be found in this report. A city’s commitment to free Wi-Fi, for example, one of Montreal’s strong points, is not covered by this report. On balance, this is still an economy of things report rather than an economy of ideas report.

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