Robin Good: Curation Tools and Techniques for Journalists

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Robin Good
Robin Good

Paul Bradshaw, author, blogger and reference point for anyone doing online journalism, illustrates with a rich series of examples, the different types of content curation tools and techniques that can be effectively used by journalists today. The article covers basic curation principles and guidelines as well as offering a set of mini-tutorials on curating lists, playlists, image boards, maps and timelines, news magazines and more. Informative. Resourceful. Examples-rich. 9/10 Full guide:

Journalism *is* curation: tips on curation tools and techniques

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos’ in his talk to employees at the Washington Post said: “People will buy a package … they will not pay for a story.” Previously that package was limited to what your staff produced, and wire copy. But as more content becomes digitised, it is possible to combine more content from a wider variety of sources in a range of media – and on any one of a number of platforms.

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