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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

I don’t pretend to have any special insight into the markets; they are an insider’s game and nothing is quite what it seems to outsiders, and most commentary is no better than throwing rabbit bones. So it is hard for me to evaluate the importance of this report. But it does strike me as a matter of concern that major insiders are dumping U.S. stocks.

Billionaires Dumping Stocks, Economist Knows Why

Phi Beta Iota: The source is a shill for a self-help investing program that uses faux news to sell itself. Generally the worst melt-downs occur in the final six months of a second presidential term. Right now frugality and getting out of the known stock market casino that is rigged, are good moves.

The wealth inequity is not just in the U.S., although we are the worst example in the developed world. It is a profound geopolitical shift with immense implications for every aspect of life. There is a small group of transnational people who quite literally live in a different world. Historically social unrest has always followed such extreme distortions. Click through to see the important charts that accompany this survey.

Worldwide, Richest 3% Hold One-Fifth of Collective Income
GLENN PHELPS and STEVE CRABTREE – The Gallup Organization

Here is an excellent essay on the relevant issues in what, I think, is correctly called The Great Marijuana Experiment. What I find interesting so far is that although every prohibitionist is trolling for even the smallest possible problem in fact almost nothing has turned up.

The Great Marijuana Experiment: A Tale of Two Drug Wars
BRUCE BARCOTT – Rolling Stone

The details concerning the rise of the American police and security state beggar the imagination. Here is the latest from the Snowden documents. I think it has become so comprehensive that people find it hard to believe they are under this level of surveillance. It is one of the most reprehensible trends in the nation’s history. Click through to see the images which help explain it.

Your USB Cable, the Spy: Inside the NSA’s Catalog of Surveillance Magic
Sean Gallagher, IT Editor – arstechnica

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