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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

Few people seem to realize that six of nine Justices on the Supreme Court are Roman Catholics. As this essay explains this has had a significant impact on the Court’s decisions concerning women.

The Catholic Supreme Court’s War on Women
JAMIE STIEHM – U.S. News and World Report

Here is the latest in the GMO struggle. Although Big Food thwarted the labelling movement in both California and Washington by spending tens of millions of dollars — some sources say in Washington as much as a million dollars a day — it passed in Connecticut and Maine. Buyers, ordinary people, are increasingly concerned about knowing what is in their food. So now Big Food is going to try another tack, as this report describes.

Food Industry to Fire Preemptive GMO Strike

Here is the latest in the LENR trend which the mainstream media ignores but which I still think is going to make a major impact. Click through to see a very helpful image showing the installation discussed.

S. Korean Manufacturing Company Signs License With Brillouin (LENR Technology)
STERLING D. ALLAN – Pure Energy Systems News

Here is a very interesting essay on spousal differences in voting. How does it workout in your house?

Think Again, Men
The Economist (U.K.)

This is what the principal spokesperson of the Theocratic Right is peddling. This is why I keep saying that I don’t think the Rightists will allow the government to do anything meaningful about climate change, so it falls to individuals and communities to do what they can to soften the blow.

Rush Limbaugh: Polar Vortex Is a ‘Hoax” Created by the Left
LINDSAY ABRAMS, Assistant Editor – Salon

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