Stephen E. Arnold: IBM Watson Dreams of Beating Google and Apple — Without a Clue

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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

More Watson Nuggets

Fast Company published “IBM’s Watson For Business: The $1 Billion Siri Slayer.” The write offers some nuggets of information that convert Watson from search system into the next Apple or Google. Frankly I find this notion somewhat amusing.

The story reports this interesting assertion, “IBM wants to transform Watson into a Siri for business.” Quite an analogy.

I also noted these items:

  • Stephen Gold is the vice president of IBM Watson Solutions
  • Watson Discovery Advisor will be a product/service for publishing, education, and health care
  • Watson Analytics Advisor appears to be an interactive analytics solution
  • An ecosystem will be built around the Watson Application Programming Interface and “the Watson headquarters will also include space for a tech incubator for startups building Watson-based apps”
  • Watson will be deployed on Softlayer, an IBM cloud computing service. Apparently some eager Watson prospects have an appetite for Softlayer’s delivering Watson.

I marked a quote to note from Mr. Gold and Fast Company:

Watson for Business is “one of the top innovations in IBM’s history” and it could even be the biggest IBM innovation since the IBM PC.

IBM seems to have made a different executive available to the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. My hunch is that the cheerleading will continue for a while.

Meanwhile where’s the online demonstration of Watson’s functionality? I want to see how the system compares to Hewlett Packard’s Autonomy technology, check out the visualizations to see if they are different from IBM i2’s, and figure out if the analytics are recycled SPSS functions or something different.

Stephen E Arnold, January 10, 2014

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 Phi Beta Iota: Sense-making requires data (the dots), tools (connecting the dots) and people. There is no indication that IBM has a grip on any of these three essentials. They were foolish to buy into i2, they still do not “get” CATALYST, and they have no idea what already exists in the way of Earth Intelligence Network pioneering on the “six bubbles.”

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