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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

Charter schools, another privatization program by profit first business interests occasionally produce good results, kind of show villages, but, as in all profit first operations –prisons, libraries, schools — all too often become a racket. Until we decide as a people that national wellness, arising from! individual wellness is our social priority all of this will only get worse. As this report makes clear it is time we went back to creating high quality public schools.

The Truth About Charter Schools: Padded Cells, Corruption, Lousy Instruction and Worse Results
JEFF BRYANT, Director of the Education Opportunity Network – Salon

In a kind of backhanded way this is good news of a sort. I have seen a number of these stories and discounted them, because the government denied that Fukushima played any role, but this one is well sourced and must be taken seriously. It's good news in that the system to get these doses out exists, and now they have the doses. But very bad news if it comes to pass that they are needed. ! That's the reality of the Fukushima disaster. We don't know… only that as long as radioactive waste pours in the sea, no good thing will arise. And that it will become increasingly planetary.

Pentagon Agency Admits It Began Stockpiling Potassium Iodide Due to Fukushima

Here is the latest on the Bee Trend. It is not good news. Click through to see the chart and map that help make this story clear.

Something Else for Europe to Worry About: the Disastrous Consequences of a Huge Bee Deficit

This report describes a probationary positive development on Climate Change. This may come to nothing; it's certain the Republicans in the Senate will largely try to block it. But this effort by Senators Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) to get the Senate to engage seriously with climate change may happen. It's too early to tell whether this is mostly just an epiphenomenon, or the next importa! nt positive step in the Climate Change Trend. If the Senate seriously takes up climate change it will stimulate an extended national debate. The media won't be able to avoid it. I think the result of such a debate, where data and real life will converge, will result in a clear national mandate to become pro-active in climate change remediation.

Climate-change Push Launched by Senators
CAROLYN LOCHHEAD – San Francisco Chronicle

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