Jim Dean: Saudis Preparing for a Two-Front War?

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Jim W. Dean
Jim W. Dean

Will the Saudis unleash a conventional and terror war together?

Saudi Arabia: Preparing for Aggression?

…by  Konstantin Orlov ,     with  New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow

[ Editors Note:  We are featuring a new NEO writer tonight with his first article for them and for us, something which we usually don't do here.  But Mr. Orlov has picked an excellent and timely topic with the Saudi military offensive and done a great job with it. It's my job to find them to share with you.

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The Saudis have been huge spenders on military equipment for decades now but have never really used much of it in a real shooting war. But they were every defense contractor's favorite sugar daddy.

Why so much weapons spending has many answers. They were a forward base for American military and the expenditures were all part of having American protection for the Royal family dynasty.

Then there was the big fear over Iran, even though it has not invaded anyone in modern history and has no offensive military power in terms of taking or holding territory. Nor have they exhibited any interest in doing so.

But now we are seeing a huge build up in weapons purchases while at the same time becoming the major terrorism sponsor in the region, which is using none of the expensive weapons platforms. Is there a two front war in the works?

While the US shows an interest in eliminating the long standing hostilities with Iran, it has helped destroy Syria and created a terror scourge in the region far beyond anything we faced in our War on Terror, which had now officially become a War of Terror.

Sensible Americans…don't get it. Konstantin's giving us a peek behind the curtain at what is really going on will help clear up some of the mystery. I suspect we will be seeing more good material from him in the future through the editors of New Eastern Order… Jim W. Dean ]

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