Robin Good: 10 Content Curation Best Practices

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Robin Good
Robin Good

If you are new to content curation here the ten, key fundamental steps you need to take to out yourself on the right course. Content curation is not about saving time. It is about selecting, organizing, adding value and context, and finally about effectively presenting information on a specific topic to a selected group of people. Here the ten key steps to take to effetively curate content, visualized by the great team at Slideshare presentation:

Content Curation Ten Fundamentals

1. Choose a topic that you care deeply about.

2. Be specific with your topic choice.

3. Build a customized home for your curated content to maintain your brand personality.

4. Be selective and rate each piece of content on quality to improve user experience.

5. Enirch your content with personal insight to add context and value.

6. Choose the right images and titles to appropriately tell a story.

7. Share your curated content on social media to remain top of mind to your audience.

8. Find and engage with other curators in your space for inspiration and cross-promotion.

9. Curate your own content to increase distribution.

10.  Give credit where credit is due


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