SchwartzReport: U.S. Needs $354 Billion To Repair Decrepit Pipes And Keep Drinking Water Clean

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You will remember the piece I ran a few days ago showing that the repair of our water infrastructure would produce far more jobs and income than than an oil pipeline. Here is further information on this. Look at the wastage that is going on, and the systems that are close to collapse. The nation’s infrastructure is literally breaking down. I hope! this will become a restoration trend in this country. Without it we are going to be in serious trouble.

The U.S. Needs $354 Billion To Repair Decrepit Pipes And Keep Drinking Water Clean
AVIVA SHEN – Think Progress

Phi Beta Iota: This is only the infrastructure cost. It does not address the cost of actually delivering clean water without toxins. While there are very inexpensive alternatives such as those developed by M Johanna Smith and her team, the current US Government position is that poisoned water full of corporate toxins and untreated drug residues.

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