Stephen E. Arnold: Graphic Illustrates the Evolution of Google

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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

Graphic Illustrates the Evolution of Google


Here’s a chart any Google historians should take a look at. MakeUseOf presents “The Story of Google: Algorithm + Functionality Updates,” in which they share a graphic plotting Google’s changes and milestones since its launch in 1998. Jackson Chung writes:


“It’s been fifteen years since Google made its debut in 1998, and it has gone on to be the most prominent search engine in history. Google released its very first algorithm update sixteen months after it went live, which was mostly undocumented. Most webmasters will tell you that Google algorithm updates are a big deal, so let’s take at how many the search engine behemoth has released over the years.”


I notice that the “First Known Update” doesn’t come for a couple of years, in 2000. That is also when the site reached the 1 Billion Pages Indexed mark. It is no surprise that the closer we get to today, the more changes per year we see. Navigate to the post for more Googley curiosities.


The graphic was created by digital branding firm, Tamar, as the first graphic in their #digitalhistory series (the second is The Story of Facebook). Not a bad approach; we can appreciate the share-something-for-free marketing model.


Cynthia Murrell, February 25, 2014


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