Worth a Look: Beyond Connecting the Dots – A Systems Thinking Interactive Learning Environment

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Book Page Online
Book Page Online

Beyond Connecting the Dots is a new kind of book on Systems Thinking and Modeling. Rather than being constrained by the printed page, it runs digitally on your computer or your tablet. Because of this it can provide you an exciting experience that goes beyond the printed word. The models in the book are truly interactive and you can directly experiment with them within the book as you read about them. Beyond Connecting the Dots is more than a book; it is a truly interactive learning environment that lets you play with ideas rather than just read them.

Models in Beyond Connecting the Dots are living. You can interact with them and experiment with them right in the book. Each model contains a guided tour that you can sit back and watch. Alternatively, you can jump in and take the reins adjusting the model on-the-fly to see the results. You can change all the model’s parameters or adjust its structure, all right within the book! If you want, you can even load up the models in Insight Maker, a powerful on-line modeling platform, to extend the models with your own ideas and share them with others.

Beyond Connecting the Dots covers all aspects of Systems Thinking and Modeling. It starts on a very basic conceptual level and assumes you do not have a modeling or mathematical background. As the book progresses it becomes increasingly advanced providing you expert knowledge that will be both challenging and rewarding. Whatever your skill level, Beyond Connecting the Dots has something for you. Read the next section to see the full list of subject matter in the book.

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