Berto Jongman: “Russian Spring” Will De-Americanize Europe as CELAC is De-Americanizing Central and South America

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

Cyber attack: ‘The Russian Spring’ in the hands of Putin, domination of Europe is close

Submitted by CWZ on Sun, 03/16/2014

Does the name Aleksand Dugin ring you any bells? Well, he is one of the advisors of Putin and on 9 March 2014 he provided Putin a plan on how to dominate Europe. Aleksandr Dugin is a gestrategic and idealogical man which has published a plan named ‘The Russian Spring’, the Russian spring is a strategic plan on how Putin can lead Russia to a victory which will hold the area of Europe.

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Phi Beta Iota: Worth a full read. De-Americanization will be the signal attribute of 21st Century diplomacy, information, military, and economics (DIME). CELAC and the growing independence and sustainable rejection by Central and South American countries of US imperial ambitions and corporate predation were the first major sign. Russia — which has agreements with Germany and France that the US is not fully informed about will give Europe an alternative growth scenario. In Central Asia Turkey, China, India, Iran and Russia are making ISAF the irrelevant travesty its has always been, only clearly discernible to the public now. In Arabia Qatar, the Saudis, and the UAE are  edging toward something new. Africa remains the wild card. While the Chinese and the Iranians have both been very clever, there is no discernible link-up with Nigeria and South Africa that might liberate this region as well. Still lacking in all of the regions is the ability to create intelligence with integrity — ethical evidence-based decision-support — so compelling that all the myths and lies attendant to virtual colonialism and predatory capitalism are fully exposed and non-violently sanctioned, to include massive public and government boycotts of all forms of US-based products, from the computer products with NSA back-doors built in, to the cyber-hijackable Boeing aircraft. “Made in the USA” is now a practical black mark, not just an ideological black mark.

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