Robin Good: Algorithms as Glue Between Content, Data, and Insight

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Robin Good
Robin Good

Algorithms as Glue Between Content, Data, and Insight

Lutz Finger, reports from SxSW on the topic of algorithms, curation and the future, as the skills of content creators, data analysts and code programmers are seemingly converging for the first time.

Among others, he reports Steve Rosenbaum (founder of significant own words at SxSW: “a wise combination of human judgement enabled by algorithms will become the new king of content.

But while there are great new tools, startups and ideas leveraging the great potential of big data and human curation, there is a big, invisible danger, still looming on us.

The danger is that any algorithm might fall prey to someone trying to influence it.

This might be the ones programming the algorithm or the users. We for instance saw governments trying to skew algorithms by introducing fake online personas (Learn more about the US government persona-management software).

But the biggest and realest danger lies in us.

If we believe that there is only one truth and that is the one generated by a black-box algorithm we might be deceived easily.

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