SchwartzReport: Keystone Pipeline Scam United Kochs (New York Money) with Decrepit Legacy Refineries (Texas Energy) to Screw the US Public Generally

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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

Now you see the curtain pulled back. The Keystone pipeline is a classic example of profit for the few — the Koch’s could make many many billions from Keystone — and potential disaster for the many. It is now completely transparent. And yet it could still happen.

The Koch-Keystone Connection: Brothers Are The Largest Lease Holders in Canada’s Oil Sands
LINDSAY ABRAMS, Assistant Editor – Salon

Phi Beta Iota: It has also been established that there is no need at all for additional energy in the USA — the Keystone Pipeline originated as means of keeping decrepit legacy refineries on the Gulf Coast of Texas active, so as to export energy from the USA at a profit for the few and with all environmental costs externalized to the public.

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