SchwartzReport: Media Self-Censors on Oil Spills & Real World

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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

As far as I can tell although filed by The Associated Press, this didn’t rate a mention on any news network. Further evidence of why we need to leave the carbon era. Instead we have spent a week talking about a story for which no one has a single certain explanatory fact. The NASA report on the collapse of civilization… yawn. Lets speculate instead on whether Martians have d! ematerialized the Malaysian 777 airliner. This and the Crimea, for which there is almost as little certain data. It is the most astonishing display of the complete absence of substance in the American media one can imagine. Literally a week spent on two stories one of which is almost entirely information free and the other which lacks most of the data that would give us insight.

Pipeline Leaks Thousands of Gallons of oil in Southwest Ohio
DAN SEWELL – The Columbus Dispatch

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