Yoda: Master of Tri-Sector Collaboration (Singapore Management University)

04 Education, Commercial Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence
Got Crowd? BE the Force!
Got Crowd? BE the Force!

Good step, this is.

Master of Tri-Sector Collaboration (MTSC)

The innovative Master of Tri-Sector Collaboration provides rigorous interdisciplinary training in effective problem solving for the 21st century’s complex environment. It is applicable to business, government, and civil society organisations, and to the interactions among them. It will:

  • Develop leaders able to flourish in a complex, tri-sector world
  • Enable students to master a toolkit of innovative skills for tackling global challenges together
  • Create cross-sector networks in the region
  • Provide students with deep understanding of key conceptual frameworks
  • Ensure that students can make sense of the plethora of megatrends affecting business-government-society interactions, from environment to demography to technology

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