Jon Ramer: Cowboy Indian Alliance (CIA) Rejects Keystone Pipeline and Unites to Protect the Sacred –Video and Protest in DC 22 April 2014

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Jon Ramer
Jon Ramer


I hope this finds you well. There is a story of “unprecedented unified action” unfolding as unlikely parties have come together to protect and restore our sacred Mother Earth. First Nations, Native Americans, and their allies, in the form of ranchers, farmers, landowners, lawyers, educators, activists, environmentalists, faith and spiritual leaders and others are teaming up to stop all tar sands projects; to challenge us to confront our dependency on fossil fuels, demand that we accelerate the shift to renewable energy, and stop destroying our planet.

The recent delay by President Obama on the Keystone XL pipeline is not just connected to the courts in Nebraska; the actions in the Dakotas and Nebraska come as the most unlikely of parties are joining forces. There are international treaties being signed between sovereign nations to stop the tar sands projects from all directions. There are prayer and spiritual camps being set up along the KXL pipeline route. First Nations, Native Americans and their allies have come together to form the Cowboy Indian Alliance (CIA).  This new CIA is engaged and working cooperatively like never before to stop the Keystone XL pipeline.

Obama’s 50 Wounded Knees???? from Sacred on Vimeo.

A video message – “Obama’s 50 Wounded Knees????” has been prepared for President Obama reminding him of the names he was given and the promises he has made. This video message is a call to remember and awaken to our common home and shared destiny.

The new CIA has also put out a call to action – Reject and Protect – to invite everyone to come to Washington DC starting this Tuesday, April 22 through Sunday, April 27. On Tuesday April 22, Earth Day, the new CIA will ride into Washington DC and set up camp near the White House to tell President Obama to reject the pipeline.  They are building the camp on the national mall and will have tipi and water ceremonies.

The motivation to come together is not driven by the insatiable desire to continue to grow without limits, consume more of our precious resources, or produce more profits for a few. The inspiration is the fulfillment of a sacred promise to our ancestors and future generations to act as stewards of our precious planet and to summon the courage to “Warrior-Up” if needed and stand up to these risks and threats!

If you can’t make it to Washington DC this week we ask that you join with us and help spread the word. It is time to Reject and Protect. Please share the Obama’s 50 Wounded Knees???? video and sign up to volunteer on the Protect the Sacred website!

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