Michel Bauwens: redefining value within and beyond the money form

Commercial Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Gift Intelligence
Michel Bauwens
Michel Bauwens

The priority after MoneyLab (2): redefining value within and beyond the money form

How can we arrive at common decisions on what is to be valued? Do we value personal bonds or do we value anonymity? Do we value community or do we value individuality? Is there a way to bridge these apparent opposites or dissolve their inherent contradictions, or will they forever be in conflict? What do we value about ourselves? What do we value about others? What do we value in nature, in work, in leisure? And how can we embed these values — both moral and economic — in the very money-form? Ultimately, if we are talking about creating a radically different society, the question of value will have to somehow be detached from money.

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